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Madix Gondola Installation Movies
Gondola Installation Movie

Madix Gondola Installation Movies
Half Gondola and Wall Installation Movie

To start installation.

  1. Connect the base shoe or base into the uprights by placing the hook on the base shoe in to the bottom of the upright and move the front of the base shoe up firmly snapping and locking it into place. 
  2. On the single sided or half gondola the base shoes are attached to only one side of the uprights.
  3. On double sided gondolas the base shoes are installed on both sides of the upright.
  4. Hold up the first two uprights with the base shoes on the floor and pointed in the same direction.
  5. Locate and place the lowwer spanner in the lowest postion on both of the uprights with the cups for the back boards facing up.
  6. Slide the back board into it's slot all the way down till the back board is siting in the cups on the lowwer spanner.
  7. Bring the top of two uprights together into place with the back board in it's slot on the uprights.
  8. Insert the center spanner in the slots between the lowwer spanner and the top of the fixture.
  9. Place the top spanner over the back board or back boards.
  10. Set the fixture up so it is free standing in it's final rest position.
  11. Using a flat screw driver adjust the set screws in the front of the base shoe so the fixture sits correctly or up against the wall with out any wobling.
  12. Insert the top cap into the top of the uprights.
  13. Locate and insert the front kick plate in it's slots located on the front of the base shoes.
  14. Locate and install the base shoe covers over the base shoes.
  15. Hook and place the base shelf into the bottom of the upright setting it on top of the base shoe.
  16. Carefully insert the upper shelves into the uprights at ana angle or a slore.
  17. Locate and install the upright cover over the outter portion of the upright.

If you have purchased your Madix Shelving from ESSI you can rest assured we will help you and walk you through the process of the assembly your Madix Shelvng.