Black Madix Shelving

Available in a double sided and a single sided configuration, widths of 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches,

Heights are available from 36 inches high to 96 inches high and beyond by special order or with the addition of Extention Uprights and Backs.

Black Gondolas are  very popular, attractive, and can be configured to meet the needs of most any retail store application.

Black Madix Shelving is made of steel, wood, and plastic components.

The uprights, base shoes, base shelves, upper shelves, spanners, and lower trim pieces are made of steel

The backboards are made of wood and provide the stability of the shelving system.

The upright trim pieces are made of plastic.

The components used are all interchangeable between a single sided and double sided Black Madix Shelving.

The color Black is considered by Madix as a standard color there for therte is not up-charge.

The most popular sizes we keep in stock are all of the heights, 22" and a 16" base, plus upper shelf sizes 12", 14" 16" 18" and a 20" upper shelf.