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Madix Steel
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Madix Steel Storage Shelving

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Madix Steel Storage Shelving


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Madix Storage Shelving

Madix Steel Storage Shelving

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Madix Steel Storage Shelving

Madix Steel Storage Shelving Storage Shelves
Storage Shelves Storage Shelves
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Madix Steel Storage Shelving Uprights


Uprights for Madix Steel Storage Shelving are available in depths of 12" to 30" in 6" increments with heights of 48" to 120" in 12" increments.

Heavy gauge Upright is constructed of 16 gauge painted steel Upright channel and unfinished plywood front to rear ties. The exclusive slot design resists shipping and handling damage, ensures positive shelf fit and ease of installation.

Madix Steel Storage Shelving Uprights


Shelves for Madix Steel Storage Shelving are available in depths of 12" to 30" in 6" increments with widths of 36" to 18".

Steel Storage Shelving Shelves all steel shelves feature an exclusive projected tab design which drops into Upright slotting for ease of installation and removal. Standard finishes are Blue-Gray or Sahara. 500 lb. load capacity.

Bracing for  Madix Steel Storage Shelving

Steel Storage Shelves requires cross bracing for stability. Cross Braces are required on the first and last sections of runs and on every fourth section between. Back to back runs can share braces if Uprights are connected.

Galvanized cross braces are factory assembled and may not be painted. Determine order quantity. Includes mounting hardware.

Steel Storage Shelving Components

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Basic Upright Clip

Anchor Plate

Adjustable Spanner

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