Madix End Cap

Gondola End Display

A standard End Cap is best configured with a single sided section in a double back configuration. The single sided section can be placed up against an existing aisle of shelving.

A single sided configuration will provide the most strength and stability as the base shoes are lock directly into the uprights.

Madix Gondola Heights


36 Inches
42 Inches
48 Inches
54 Inches
60 Inches
66 Inches
70 Inches
72 Inches
78 Inches
84 Inches
90 Inches
96 Inches

Madix Gondola Depths

12 Inches
14 Inches
16 Inches
18 Inches
20 Inches
22 Inches
24 Inches
26 Inches
28 Inches
30 Inches


Madix End Frame

Madix End Frame 

Has many uses and mounts directly to the end of an aisle of gondola shelving with a top bracket.

Does not support as much weight as the single sided configuration end cap as there is not support at the bottom of the fixture.

Compatble with all of the Madix Upper Shelves.

Available in all of the Madix standard heights and standard 3' and 4' widths plus a 24" and 30" width also by special order.

As the picture above shows, the base shelf if needed is a seperate unit that can be placed at the bottom of the End Frame.