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Madix Wire Potato Chip Shelf

Wire Potato Chip Shelf Wire Potato Chip Shelf
Wire Potato Chip Shelf



Compatible with Madix Gondola Shelving Systems

The Wire Potato Chip Shelf provides an economical way to display a variety of snack products. When combined with the Wire Utility Basket, ordered separately, allows cross merchandising with dips and salsa.

The Wire Potato Chip Shelf has a load capacity of 30 lbs.

Wire Potato Chip Shelf Pricing

Depth 24" Wide 36" Wide 48" Wide
10" $27.00 $27.00 $27.00
12" $28.00 $28.00 $28.00
14" $29.00 $29.00 $29.00
16" $29.50 $29.50 $29.50
18" $30.00 $30.00 $30.00
20" $30.50 $30.50 $30.50
22" $31.00 $31.00 $31.00
24" $32.00 $32.00 $34.00
26" $34.00 $34.00 $35.00
28" $37.00 $36.00 $36.00
30" $39.00 $39.00 $39.00


Grocery Chip Display

Grocery Chip Display Grocery Chip Display
Grocery Chip Display E System Sales, Inc. - 800 619 9566
Here Is How a Grocery Store Displays Bags of Chips!

Grocery Chip Display is configured from Madix Gondola Shelving in either a single sided pr double sided island shelving system with either a wire chip shelf or a standard Madix upper shelf using a front fence to hold the bags of chips onto the shelf.  Both the Wire chip shelf or the standard upper shelf with a fence will hold the bags of chips on the shelf.


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