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Madix Shelving

Madix Shelving
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Madix Base Shoe Cover

Madix Base Shoes Covers

Base End Covers complete the floor level “finished look” from Kickplate to Upright at each Gondola/Wall run. Order two pairs for each Gondola run or one pair for each Wall run. Order the same length as Base Shelf depth. Standard finish is chocolate body and nose. Alternate standard finish is black body and nose. Optional colors will have black nose. PAIR ONLY PRICING. Kickplates of either closed or open type or reinforced base shoes must be installed on shelving runs.

Base Shoe Pricing

Base Shoe Depth 5" High base Shoe 12" high Base Shoe
12" $11.15 $16.95
14" $11.48 $17.25
16" $11.80 $17.60
18" $12.15 $17.95
20" $12.35 $18.15
22" $12.55 $18.35
24" $12.90 $18.70
26" $13.00 $18.80
28" $13.25 $19.25
30" $13.70 $19.50


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